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Accession Nine Box Four
by Vona Groarke

We've been greeting the New Year with a small booklet for years now, and we can safely say that no two have been alike. From the first the plan has been to find some interesting content, and then fit it to whatever paper is about. Usually that means the New Year Book is printed on carefully stored off-cuts from books, designed to minimize waste as well as to look nice. When all goes according to plan, we print it in the break between Christmas and New Year when we lay aside the current project and devote a week to printing a bit of fun.

Title page

Some years we struggle finding something that fits the bill, but the content came easily in 2014: we were taken with Vona Groarke's poem as soon as we saw it printed high on the wall in the atrium at John Rylands Library in late November 2013, put there as part of a photographic exhibition of people somehow linked with the Library. Groarke, whose archive they hold, had written the poem as a response to their request for a bit of autobiography. At that time of year when we metaphorically archive the events and achievements of the past year and mentally prepare ourselves for the year to come, it seemed particularly apt. The decorated paper designed by Alan Drummond serves as both book wrapper and envelope.


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