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Out of Print Books

(We don't have any of these books in stock, but sometime copies may be found online via ebay or abebooks)


Nursery rhymes
A Book of Nursery Rhymes. Wood engravings by Enid Marx

The Deserted Village by Oliver Goldsmith, drawing by Peter S Carter

By Oral Tradition. A moral tale for our time adapted from a tale by Beatrice Warde (New Year Booklet)

The Rose-bud, the Rose and the Thorn by Robert Burns

The Eagle of the Alder Grove by George Borrow, illustrations by Peter S Carter

Calais Sands / Dover Beach by Matthew Arnold, illustrations by Ann Gilligan

Excuse Me, Has Anyone Brought a Needle? by Paul Elliot. (Issued with alternate cover as: Monsieur Dorlan, Relieur) (New Year Booklet)

Printing in St Petersburg 1834 by George Borrow

Bullrushes by Derek Barlow, Wood engravings by Anna Ravenscroft

Forwarded and Finished: An amusement concerning bookbinders by Nick Howell and Graham Moss, ed. Illustrations by Anna Ravenscroft, Anthony Smith and Berthold Wolpe

Miss Brooke
Bookplates of Enid Marx by Graham Moss (New Year Booklet)

The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes, drawings by Brigid Holdsworth

Beware of Men in Suits by Jim Burns, drawings by Peter S Carter

Sixteen Songs: originally for 6d. Claud Lovat Fraser

Hokusai by David Burnett, linocut cover by Hui Fang Lee

The Dogs Meat Man: An old broadside ballad, illustrations by Joseph Crawhall

The Amazing Miss Brooke, and other Essays by Gunnar Brusewitz, translated by Rosemary and Thorsten Sjölin. Line drawings by Gunnar Brusewitz

Some Birds and Beasts and their Feasts Wood engravings by Enid Marx

Who Killed Cock Robin? Wood engravings by Enid Marx

The Miranda Booklets:
No Man Is an Island by John Donne.
Verses Written to the Sound of Fire Engines by Beatrice Warde, illustrated by Eric Gill
Little Fishes by Anna Ravenscroft, wood engraving by Anna Ravenscroft
Lines for the Book of Miracle by Hui Fang Lee, linocut by Hui Fang Lee

Playing gershwin
Playing Gershwin by Robert Graham. Linocuts by Peter Allen.

In Praise of Patterned Paper by Tanya Schmoller, et al.

Press Marks by Many Hands Graham Moss, ed. (New Year Booklet)

A Bonnet Full of Nursery Rhymes.

New Borders: The working life of Elizabeth Friedlander by Pauline Paucker.

Harvesting Colour
Books by Simon Eccles (New Year Booklet)

The Five Senses by Jim Burns, wood engravings by Geraldine Waddington.

A Correspondence of 1953 Concerning the Book The Seven Deadly Virtues by Denis Tegetmeier and Eric Gill by Stanley Scott and Denis Tegetmeier, with line drawings by Romey Brough

I Am Not A Type Collector by Graham Moss

Urban Birds Graham Moss and Kathy Whalen, ed. Illustrated by Jo Spaul

Harvesting Colour: The year in a marbler’s workshop by Ann Muir, introduction by Barry McKay

Forty Sheets to the Wind by Graham Moss

Helen Binyon’s Tiger by Bert Eastman (New Year Booklet)

Incline Press: A brief illustrated history by Graham Moss and Kathy Whalen

Parvus by Sven Ljungberg, translated by Rosemary and Thorsten Sjölin. Wood engravings by Sven Ljungberg

Marco’s Animal Alphabet by Enid Marx, linocuts by Enid Marx, hand-coloured at the Press from stencils designed and cut by Peter Allen

Tree house
A Pick of Patterned Papers by Alan Powers (New Year Booklet)

An Ode on a Favourite Cat Drowned in a Tub of Goldfishes by Thomas Gray, linocut by Ken Ferguson

The Tree House linocuts by John Liddell

The Book Decorations of Thomas Lowinsky by Colin Myers with a bibliography by Oliver Clark

Making Books to Music by Andrew Wilde. Includes a cd of piano music by Andrew Wilde (New Year Booklet)

The Page is the Picture. Graham Moss and Kathy Whalen

Their Book of Toys from India by Bert and Molly Eastman, linocuts by Bert Eastman

Poetry and Prose for a Midsummer Feast Polly Devlin, ed. Linocuts by Bert Eastman

On the Transition from Book Labels to Book Plates among the Circulating Libraries & the Booksellers in Later Eighteenth-Century Newcastle-on-Tyne by Derek Barlow

St Bride Notebook
The Lure of the Label by Brian North Lee (New Year Booklet)

The First Wife: A voice for Katherine of Aragon by Deirdre Armes Smith, wood engravings by Alan Smith

The St Bride Notebook by Caroline Archer and Robert Harling, wood engravings by Eric Ravilious

Milk for the Cat by Harold Monro, linocut by Bert Eastman

An Introduction to Chapbooks by Barry McKay

A Garland of Excellent Old Songs linocut by Clare Melinsky

In Place of Toothpaste by Alan Powers, Barry Kitts and Ronald Maddox

The Ancient Art of Ebru by Ann Muir. (New Year Booklet)

A Selection of Poems on the Theme of Water. Illustrated by Clare Curtis, et al.

Cuts of Craft-Workers by Jost Amman, with an introduction by Vernica Speedwell

Art for life
Art for Life: The story of Peggy Angus by Carolyn Trant

Two Songs: Infant sorrow and Infant joy by William Blake

A Paper Snowstorm: Toni Savage and the Leicester broadsheets by Derek Deadman and Rigby Graham

Hung out to dry
Aesop’s Fable of The Miller, his Son, and their Ass, with linocuts by Nick Wonham

Hung Out to Dry by Graham Moss and Kathy Whalen

Gleanings by Ann Muir (New Year Booklet)

A Selection of Poems on the Theme of Water, illustrated by Clare Curtis, et al.

Cuts of Craft-Workers by Jost Amman.

The Books of Jonah by David Blamires

The Owl and the Pussycat. by Edward Lear, linocuts by Pippa Kate Bridle

A Line, wood- and linocuts by Suyeon Kim

Heard on the Green, Oliver Clark, ed.

Five comic poems as selected and illustrated by Nick, Matilda, Lily, Joe & Petra Wonham

The Case of Hezekiah and the Messengers: set forth in a sermon… by Laurence Sterne

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