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Manchester Metropolitan University:

Images of History by Terry Wyke
with illustrations by members of the University Art Department


Manchester Metropolitan University's campuses are more than places where students gather to learn, they are also historical landscapes. Although the University was founded in 1992, when Manchester Polytechnic was granted university status, its roots run deep into the nineteenth century, back to a time when the cotton mill was the wonder of a new industrial world and the railway a novelty.

Its origins can be traced to the Manchester Mechanics Institution which opened its doors in 1824 with an educational policy which was to shape other educational initiatives in Victorian Manchester. Written by historian Terry Wyke, OBE, Images of History tells the story of the University and its place in the city of Manchester through the buildings that make up its campuses. It is illustrated with 23 illustrations, 21 of which are by faculty and graduates of the MMU art department: Jim Butler, Alex Evans, Melodie Neesom, and Anthony Ratcliffe.

Images of History has 55 pages and measures 10.25 x 10.12 inches. The text is letterpress printed in Monotype Bembo from Stan Lane on Magnani Paper supplied by John Purcell Paper. The illustrations were printed at Northends with the exception of Charles Laurent's engraved map of Manchester and George Falkner's lithograph of All Saint's Church Fire, which are reproduced courtesy of Chetham's Library from magnesium plates made at the Block Shop in Ancoats and printed letterpress here at Incline Press. The book is hard bound by Stephen Conway using a paper designed and marbled for the book by Ann Muir. Of the edition of 175 copies, 60 were set aside for the sale by the press.

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